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Mark Klan

mark and guitar C'est moi at home on the deck playing swing chords on my trusty Del Arte "Minor Swing" gypsy-style guitar. Lately I've mostly been into western swing and gypsy jazz music. Although I've been playing guitar off and on since 1966, I just really got serious in 1990 when I took up flatpicking of bluegrass/fiddle tunes on a Martin D-28. I also play a bit of mandolin, I'm learning 8-string lap steel guitar, and I own a fiddle, which is truly the instrument of the devil. Somewhere along the way I recovered from childhood piano lessons, and nowadays I improvise over jazz standards on piano when the mood strikes me. And, oh yeah, I read music theory books for fun... :-)

I gig very occasionally with one or more of my friends, but I'm mostly in it for the fun and satisfaction of creating music. Luckily, nearly every Friday night I get to jam with friends at Dave's Garage, where we dabble in swing/jazz, bluegrass, hardcore country, irish, and whatever else strikes our fancy. To pay for my music habit, I'm an economist and manager doing financial evaluation, modeling/forecasting, risk assessment, and related decision support. So there you have it.

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