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Welcome to my acoustic music tools here at The tools are designed to aid in your acoustic guitar playing, but most are applicable to electric guitar and mandolin as well. The free-to-use tools run directly in your web browser using the built-in JavaScript.

Update for April 2018:  I've recently made a few tweaks to the ChordSpell tool's identification of chords. Otherwise, no significant changes in a long time. I still have some website visitors, so I keep the site up.   ~Mark

  • ChordSpell -- Name the chord formed by notes you select, with optional fretboard entry and alternate tunings.
  • ChordMatch -- Find chords that contain a given melody note (useful for figuring out songs).
  • CapoCalc -- Determine where to set a capo to match the key of another player.

  Acoustic Music Webtools has been active since 1999 in various forms. All text and JavaScript tools are copyright Mark S. Klan, 2018. Please email me comments or questions (removing OMIT from the email address):    Thanks in advance.  ~Mark